Sindh government’s priorities and reservations on the local government system

by moddroidcouk, Sunday, 6 February 2022 (6 months ago)

The PPP government need to avoid dictatorial attitudes to protect democratic values

پیپلز پارٹی

The Sindh Assembly passed a law on local government which was objected to by all the opposition parties. During the rule of Haq, Abdul Sattar Afghani became the late Mayor of Karachi and then during the rule of General Musharraf, Nematullah became the Nazim of Karachi.

Jamaat-e-Islami has been holding sit-ins in front of the Sindh Assembly for several days to change the local government system and now Sindh government ministers have met Amir Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman of Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi and formed a joint committee. Requested from Islami to postpone the sit-in on which Jamaat-e-Islami has continued the sit-in and formed a negotiating committee.

The PPP should immediately accept all the legitimate demands of the Jamaat-e-Islami and amend the Local Government Act so that the Nazims in Karachi are also directly elected by the people and the local body representatives should have the same powers as under General Musharraf. I also benefit from the PPP and this issue should not be made controversial without any reason because all the opposition parties have objections regarding the local government system in Karachi and if this issue is not resolved peacefully then there is a danger of unrest on this issue. Which will be detrimental to the province and the country.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, if the moderators have been elected directly by the people and the people have elected their own representatives, then why can’t this happen in Sindh? They are defaming the party by giving false information. Even in Sindh, if the Nazims are directly elected by the people and the Nazims are empowered, then it will only benefit the PPP.

Only their authorized moderators across Sindh can play an important role for the party by serving the people. Powerful moderators across Sindh will be able to work freely without the need for bureaucracy and this will bring far-reaching benefits to the PPP. Here politics and democracy have been confined to the hands of wealth and a few families have taken a deep hold on politics and no power, authority or resources are being allowed to come out of this particular siege.

پیپلز پارٹی

The most successful form of government in the world is the system of local government, which seeks to solve the majority problems of the people at their doorsteps by electing representatives at the district, tehsil, and union council level With fair distribution, the federal and provincial governments are free from many problems. Activating the local government system would require development funds and many powers to be devolved at the grassroots level. It is very important to mention here that in the MNA, MPA, and Senators Development Fund, legally, 10% of the fund is given to the concerned Member of Assembly, but I think it is very simple and Only a satisfied politician will be satisfied with this 10% commission as 50-60% of his development funds is used here and also government officials, XEN and relevant government officials. The staff also contributes more or less 15-20% ie under this method up to 30% of the development fund is barely spent on projects and after such a heavy commission what kind of work will the contractor do?

It is safe to assume that when the commission of development funds is in the mouths of politicians, then in this situation, what decent person can support the assignment of this golden source of income to someone else.

The big political parties, which are the pioneers of democracy, want to introduce democracy, but in practice, democratic dictatorship is prevalent. How can real democracy be established? General Pervez Musharraf was indeed a military ruler but during his tenure, he held regular local body elections and delegated powers across the country to districts, tehsil, and union councils. Record development work has been done and no MNAs, MPAs, or Senators have been given development funds but the development funds have been utilized by the local governments which ushered in a new era of construction and development in the country.

Under General Musharraf, there was such an active local government system that the Nazim of Karachi got the award of the best Nazim of Asia.
Provincial governments should distribute most of their powers and resources fairly at the grassroots level and focus on other important issues themselves and work harder at formulating and implementing policies at the national level. Run a full-fledged media campaign for holding the elections as soon as possible and seek answers from the ruling political parties in the federation and provinces as well as to inquire about the implementation of the promises made in the election campaign.

Sindh government's

The early holding of local body elections can guarantee a significant reduction in the problems of the people. In addition, the development funds of MNAs, MPAs, and senators should be completely banned and all development funds should be utilized by the local governments. However, local MNAs, MPAs, and senators should be included in the development boards of each district and tehsil and this board should only approve local development projects and supervise them.

Local DCOs and Deputy Commissioners should have the authority to disburse and utilize all funds used in development projects.
With this system, standard completion of development projects across the country can be ensured. Roads and bridges are also in a state of disrepair due to the lack of maintenance of projects under the previous local government system.

There are no street lights anywhere. There are piles of dirt and filth in the big business areas of Karachi. Due to the lack of a local government system, government officials are making the condition of the city worse due to lack of funds or other tricks and I think this situation is all small. In the big cities where government officials are out of control due to a lack of local representatives, they focus on cleaning up and solving other basic problems at will.

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